22 Elegies in the Month of Tir, a new collection of poetry about post election events in Iran, has been published online // read the translation here

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poem 1 / 22 Elegies in the Month of Tir

For Neda
My girl
it was their tradition
to bury you alive
you were killed
a nation gets buried alive.

See how calm he lays his head on the pillow
the one who got money from your death
eats halal dinner.

you were just standing
and watching optimistically
to return to your home
but never again you will see your small room my girl
and plenty of pleasant future thoughts
wing on its door and walls.

Like a halal chicken, you were trapped
an astonished chicken
that was searching her hunter's face anxiously
you were trapped
like a cluster of grapes
that was crushed under feet
and is turning into forbidden wine.

Who are these
hidden behind windows, on rooftops
who are these in the dark
that bark
with the voice of a housebird.

They killed you my girl
they killed you
so there would be one less person
but how do you get multiplied.

Oh my dear Neda
the red rose that had grown on your neck
and clothed the map of Iran in the humming of its petals
and those who are raising their voice*
are nightingales
millions seating around a flower
and calling your name.
Does it mean it's possible you don't hear their voice which sings for you
does it mean they closed your window so you won't even hear the sound of your own victory
see how calm he lays his head on the pillow
the one who eats the halal prey.

*Neda means voice or calling. This line can both mean those who are raising their voice or those who have gave(lost) Neda


  1. 1. She was Shia
    2. Shia don't fear death like poets do
    3. This poem is redundant and unimaginative.

  2. 1. How well did you know her?
    2. As far as I followed the interviews with her mother and fiance, it is safe to say she did not want to die.
    3. This is for the poet himself to respond or ignore. But after 1 and 2 subjectivity seems to play a certain role.

  3. It was perfect ,
    Thank Mr.Mohammad and Sina .

    Farzad F Roudsari